What better lay ceramic tile living room, living room decoration need to pay
Different periods have different popular elements, and tiles are no exception. Along with the rapid growth of the economy, there are more and more types of ceramic tiles on the market. For Foshan ceramic tiles, it is like natural marble, large-grain polished tiles, etched porcelain polished tiles, ultra-fine powder permeable polished tiles, glazed tiles. , antique bricks, etc., people are dizzying. In addition to the variety of Foshan ceramic tiles, the specifications, colors and paving methods of the tiles are also changing quietly. Not only the tiles of other places where Foshan tiles are produced are also changing. First of all, from the color point of view, the current tile is not as good as the previous years, or just with some simple patterns and patterns, but a colorful, vying trend, deep yellow, sapphire blue, bright red, green, protein... ... everything, even some people say that the current tile color is faster than the curtains. These bright colors allow designers to have more space to imagine and play, and a wide variety of showrooms can be found everywhere. But compared with the dark and dark colors that people are keen on in the past few years, both the owners and designers have praised bright colors such as beige, light white and light blue. The reason may be that everyone wants a bright mood and a bright living space.