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Henan zhenghzou Free Trade Zone Area, (Zheng Dong) Golden Road. No. 85, Albemarle Oriental International Plaza Building 2, 7 Floor, No. 703.
Tiles manufacturer recruit agents and do OEM&ODM processing.
Hebei Auwimer Import And Export Trade Co., LTD is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise which integrates production, research and development, and sales as a whole. The company specializes in manufacturing glazed, polished and antique tiles for over 10 years. Welcome everyone who has interest to visit the factory.
Tiles processing method
1. The customers design the tiles. We will record the processing and by researching and developing the product and sending the customers samples to meet their needs. After that is quantity production and shipment.

2. The raw materials will be provided by the customers, then we will put into production after the materials are checked and meet the SC standard.

3. Our company can also provide you with one-stop service, from formula and materials to packages.
Company strength
1. Advantages of company environment Geographic location is conducive to raw material transportation, this can help save costs and reduce selling price.

2. Advantages of workshop Modern equipment workshop and rapid production can ensure adequate supply.

3. In order to effectively strengthen the comprehensive quality of Auwimer ceramics marketers, Auwimer Ceramics held a professional knowledge training based on our product range. In order to make the business personnel familiar with the product characteristics as soon as possible, fundamentally understand the technical characteristics of diamond crystal marble, the company invited the production department and new product development personnel to prepare and organize these professional knowledge trainings.
Sincerely invite the agents and welcome to join us.